9 July 2024 Tuesday - Football Results - Soccer Results

Date :
Home FT Rival HT
avai 0 1 Novorizontino 0-1
Amazonas 1 2 Vila Nova FC 1-0
Šamorín 3 1 Győri ETO 1-1
LKS Lodz 0 0 Puszcza Niepołomice 0-0
Rukh Vynnyky 1 3 Hajduk Split 0-1
Daegu 0 0 Incheon United 0-0
Sangju Sangmu 2 3 Suwon City 0-2
Servette 3 2 KVC Westerlo 1-2
Zwolle 1 3 Silkeborg 0-3
Górnik Zabrze 3 0 Karlsruher SC 1-0
Slavia Prague 2 4 Podbrezová 2-1
Panevėžys 3 0 HJK 1-0
Slovan Liberec 4 0 Debrecen 1-0
Viktoria Plzeň 1 2 Qarabag 0-2
Stripfing 2 2 Floridsdorfer AC 0-1
Ajax 4 0 Sint-Truiden 1-0
Wolfsberger AC 0 0 Strasbourg 0-0
SV Lippstadt 08 1 2 Wuppertaler SV 0-1
Hamrun Spartans 0 1 Lincoln Red 0-1
Heerenveen 4 1 Dordrecht 3-0
UE Santa Coloma 1 2 Ballkani 1-1
The New Saints 3 0 Dečić 3-0
Alfreton Town 2 2 Notts County 1-0
Ballyclare Comrades 1 1 Portadown FC 0-0
Tiverton Town 1 2 Exeter City 1-1
Víkingur Reykjavík 0 0 Shamrock Rovers 0-0
Hyde 2 1 Halifax Town 1-0
Bath City 2 3 Cheltenham Town 1-1
Sutton United 0 4 Tonbridge Angels 0-2
Spain 2 1 France 2-1
Virtus 1 7 Steaua Bukres 0-5

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Competition Match Score
Champions League Liverpool vs. Real Madrid 1-3
Premier League Manchester United vs. Manchester City 2-0
La Liga Barcelona vs. Real Betis 3-2
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Number of shots taken Direct free-kick accuracy Ball possession percentage
Number of fouls committed Pass completion rate Number of tackles made
Number of corners awarded Goals per game Number of goals scored

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Date Match Score
3/14/2021 New York Red Bulls vs. Sporting Kansas City 2 - 1
3/13/2021 Austin FC vs. Los Angeles FC 0 - 2
3/12/2021 Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Portland Timbers 0 - 1

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Q: What type of football results can I find on this platform?

A: This platform provides the latest football results, including scores from various leagues and tournaments around the world.

Q: How often are the football scores updated?

A: The football scores on this platform are updated in real-time, ensuring that you have access to the most up-to-date match outcomes.

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A: Yes, this platform offers comprehensive match reports that provide detailed analysis and insights into the games.

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A: Absolutely! You can find football fixtures on this platform, allowing you to stay informed about the upcoming matches and their schedules.

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A: Yes, you can find soccer standings on this platform, which will help you keep track of team performances and league positions.

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A: Yes, you can find the latest MLS results and scores on this platform, keeping you updated on the outcomes of MLS matches.

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