Havelse vs Eintracht Norderstedt PREDICTION

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Soccer Schedule

Home Rival HT FT
Regionalliga West
Havelse Eintracht Norderstedt 2-0 2-0

Soccer Odds & Tips

Tips Odds Percent
DC 12 1.11 %75.46
DC X2 1.23 %65.16
DC 1X 1.30 %63.67
GG / BTTS Yes 1.31 %62.03
2.5 OVER 1.36 %58.47
Odd 1.69 %50.69
Even 1.58 %50.51
2.5 UNDER 2.04 %40.52
HTX 2.07 %39.58
GG / BTTS No 2.19 %38.86
FT2 2.08 %38.01
HT2 2.51 %37.18
FT1 2.33 %35.09
FTX 3.06 %26.26
HT1 2.78 %24.23

Havelse vs. Eintracht Norderstedt football tips

27 November 2022 Sunday, Germany Regionalliga West to be played Havelse — Eintracht Norderstedt when is the football match information.

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